Cannon Man game

Cannon Man game


cannon game


Description : Cannon Man is an arcade game on  Atari Breakout Game  in which you are in control of cannon to shoot out the Cannon Man as far as possible.

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What is Atari Breakout game?


Description: Breakout is an online Arcade game becoming popular to the whole community in the world game. The game is developed and published by Atari, Inc. Breakout is defined by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, who were affected by the 1972 Pong game. And Steve Wozniak is the one who built it with the help of Steve Jobs. You know Super Breakout used to be upgraded to video games from that renowned game. Furthermore, Arcade Atari Breakout Online is the foundation and inspiration for some aspects of Apple II, the personal computer.
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Description: For example, in level 3, which is named the Enchanted garden, the blocks are in complex order. In addition, there are two metal blocks there hindering you. The blocks are right above the bottom of the screen. Because the metal blocks’ function is to change the red ball’s flying way and the positions of them make it more difficult for you to catch the ball, you must always glare at the red ball to know where it is. Because of the positions of the metal blocks, sometimes the ball falls right after it bounce up. If you distract, the ball may touch the bottom of the screen when you have not found where it is yet. Furthermore, you may not realize that you have lost a life until a new ball appears on your paddle.
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Atari Breakout Game

Atari Breakout Game

Atari breakout game is a very easy game that was developed by Atari Inc. The Atari Inc. was set up in 1972 and closed in 1984. The most famous game of Atari Inc. is Atari breakout game.
Atari breakout was a very long game. It was divided into many levels. In each level, the design is different from the others. However, the rule and the mission stay the game from levels to levels.
In the game, you play with a red ball and a paddle. You have to make the red ball fly and bounce around the screen. Then, when the red ball falls, you have to catch it by the paddle.
The mission of the ball is to touch all the blocks on the screen. Only when all the blocks disappear from the screen can you pass through that level.
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